About Us

Who We Are

Oppstar Technology was founded in 2014 in the heart of Penang. In a short span of just 4 years, we have managed to grow and provide satisfaction to our clients with our wholesome design services. Currently, we are able to take full charge of development and One-Stop Shop IC design services from the beginning to the end – all the way to the tape-out processes. Our thorough design services and committed technical support has enable Oppstar to assist clients achieve important milestones during crucial times.

Oppstar Technology has established partnership with top semiconductor companies and key foundries to provide cutting edge technology node design solutions in ASIC and FPGA to our valued customers. Currently, we have successfully delivered a number of complete projects for our key clients, ranging from 55nm to 14nm deep sub-micron process technology nodes physical design and implementation. To ensure value added product development and services, Oppstar Technology prioritizes quality and timeliness in everything we do.

Oppstar Technology has also been recognized as a Preferred Partner of Choice by our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Here in Oppstar, we make sure that our company is managed by the right people with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Oppstar has a small but strong management team consisting of 3 very experienced founding members. 

Mr Ng Meng Thai has worked in the engineering industry for more than 28 years. His career portfolio includes working in Intel, Altera and Hitachi. He specializes in IC Circuit design and management in micro-controller, CPU, chipset and etc.

Mr Cheah Hun Wah spent 24 years or more working in Altera, Intel and ST Micro. His specialty lies in IC physical design and product development in Chipset P&R, SoC and etc.

Mr Tan Chun Chiat worked in Intel and Conner Peri for 25 years. He has a vast amount of experience with IC package, test hardware, as well as board and system design management across computing and networking segments.


Senior Management Team

Meng Thai Ng

Senior Management

28 years of IC design and management in micro-controller, CPU, Chipset, SoC and FPGA

Previous Experience: Altera, Intel, Hitachi

Hun Wah Cheah

Senior Management

24 years of IC design and product development in Chipset P&R, SoC and FPGA

Previous Experience : Altera, Intel, ST Microelectronics

Chun Chiat Tan

Senior Management

25 years of IC package, test hardware, board and system design management across computing (CPU,SoC,Chipsets) and networking segments

Previous Experience : Intel, Conner Peripherals

Azydee Hamid

Senior Technologists

  • Atom™ core Architect
  • High Speed Interfaces (USB2, CFIO, SDIO4) Architect
  • 24 years industry experiences
  • 3 US patents

Previous Experiences : Intel, Altera

CK Lee

Engineering Director

  • Front End Logic Architect
  • Front End & Clusters design ranging from PC architectures (North, South Bridge hubs), FPGA to micro-controllers
  • 23 years industry experiences

Previous Experiences : Altera, Intel

Willetts Lim

Engineering Director

  • ARM® QC core Architect
  • 10nm-14nm Physical Design & Full Chip Architect
  • 23 years of industry experiences

Previous Experiences : Altera, Intel

SH Khor

Senior Technologists

  • Analog Circuit Architect
  • 23 years industry expert returnee from Canada
  • Expert in Automotive & Computing
  • 1 US patent on clock circuitry

Previous Experiences : ST Microelectronics, Nortel Network



Our Customers

Oppstar has had the opportunity to engage in work with clients from different countries and backgrounds. However, due to client confidentiality, the names of our clients will be kept strictly private and confidential. Our clients come from countries around the world, such as Singapore, China, USA and Japan, not to mention local MNC clients from within Malaysia Penang as well. In short, our company is able to perform exceptionally both at the local and international level, making Oppstar a rising competitor in the IC design platform.

Majority of our clients are Malaysia Penang based international MNCs that require our interactions with their design teams across the globe, and not just the team based in Penang. Since 2016, Oppstar Technology has also expanded into International market especially North Asia (eg. China, Korea & Japan), where we directly supported international clients that has no presence in Penang. There are multiple international support service models that can be engaged to enable the various type of outsourcing needs.


Vision & Mission

Oppstar possesses the vision of becoming a preeminent global R&D design brand that delivers reliable and value-added products to our clients and is recognized as a Preferred Partner of Choice by clients. In other words, Oppstar aims to bring satisfaction to clients – ensuring clients to get the most (or even more) out of what they have paid for.


To pave the way to achieve our final vision, Oppstar’s strategies are to:

1) Establish a well-known company profile by providing reliable and value-added services to MNCs and SMEs.

2) Ultimately provide One-Stop Shop design services, capable of overseeing turnkey projects and creating new IP designs.

3) Hire strategically, to allow growth of employee development and the retention of employees and talent

Core Values

Oppstar ensures that we achieve all our goals, missions and vision based on company values, which are the core of Oppstar.

Take responsibility for Quality

In order to ensure that employees are constantly motivated to take responsibility for work quality, Oppstar management provides the employees with the support & encouragement to take responsibility for quality work across individual and team based in order to go gain customers’ trust & building reputation.

Drive & Innovate to exceed customer satisfaction

In order to ensure that employees are constantly motivated to do their job well, Oppstar provides all the employees with the drive to succeed beyond customers’ expectation. Team buildings, trainings and incentivised work are just part of the many methods Oppstar uses to encourage employees to go the extra mile.

Oppstar encourages our employees to play around with ideas instead of simply ‘copying and pasting’ ideas. Employees are given the opportunity to run with their ideas – as long as it fits into the criteria of the client.

Act with Integrity

Doing the right job is just one aspect, more importantly is to do the job right. Outside the workplace, we ensure that our job is done in a honest, responsible and ethical way. Inside the workplace, we put high importance on workplace ethics in order to ensure a friendly working environment.

Value our employees

Employees are treated as individuals and empowered to do their best. Our greatest strength lies in the skill, judgement and talent of our employees. We recognize that our success is related directly to the dedication and performance of our employees. We value honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork.