Students & Graduates

Oppstar is constantly on the lookout for talented university alumni to join our family of engineers. Extending a hand to graduates from UTM, UniMAP, UTAR and other local universities, we are always willing to welcome anyone who has a fiery passion for IC design. In Oppstar, we provide all fresh graduates an opportunity to push their career to greater heights.

Graduate Recruitment
Since 2017 onwards, Oppstar has extended its hand to graduates from universities nationwide to be a part of the Oppstar family. In order to allow student prospects to fully understand Oppstar, Oppstar directors have visited renowned local universities such as UTM to give career talks and walk-in interviews to 4th year students. In some cases, Oppstar also offers 3rd year students internships if required.

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Oppstar also offers a mentor-mentee system, which allows new employees to have direct one-to-one guidance by senior engineers. This system help builds a strong sense of partnership between employees, as well as eliminating the senior-junior barrier that can exist in workplaces. Furthermore, most of our fresh, new employees have the chance to be engaged in projects within 3 months after they have entered Oppstar, allowing them to have hands-on experience on difficult projects. In short, Oppstar provides graduates with the necessary training, experience and exposure required to become a full-fledged engineer.



Oppstar’s interns leave the company with more knowledge, a keen sense of the industry, and practical skillsets which prepares them for the industry of their choice. Coming from a variety of universities and states, Oppstar accepts the best of talents regardless of location and university. During the course of the internship, our interns will learn a number of programming languages and tools that they will apply in order to complete their own projects.


Intern Recruitment

Interns have commented that Oppstar’s working culture is “Innovative, challenging, friendly and flexible” and “free for everyone to have their own opinion”. Interns are also greeted with robust support from their supervisors, “(the supervisor) guides us not only in knowledge but the correct attitude to become a successful engineer… …whenever we face difficulties, seniors will be there to help.” Interns also receive the opportunity to receive company training together with other fresh employees.

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In order to allow university students to have a taste of working life, as well as to introduce Oppstar to these future prospects, Oppstar also offers internship programmes up to 3 months to 3rd year students at universities.