Why Join Oppstar


Employee Benefits

As a premier IC design service company, Oppstar’s secret to success has always been its focus on grooming the talent of our top notch employees. From offering job security (our graduate trainees are offered permanent positions from the get-go) to developing skillsets, we have always prioritized the holistic development of our employees. From training sessions on ICPT flow, to sessions on culture and how to handle different customers, we strive to provide our employees with the tools required to excel in the IC Design world.



Our consistency in training and developing top notch talents has allowed us to secure many opportunities for exposure to high-end silicon technology projects. Some examples of the projects we have secured include: working on 20nm chips, 16nm finfet and 14nm finfet chips, with more exciting and challenging projects to come. On top of these opportunities, Oppstar also provides exposure to a wide variety of industries- including the computing industry, FPGA industry, automotive industry, IoT industry, the telecommunications industry etc.


Overseas Exposure

Oppstar possesses many foreign partners abroad. Joining the company means that you gain the chance to travel to Japan, China, Korea and many more locations. On top of valuable work experience, you get to immerse yourself in foreign culture and visit different lands!