Corporate Social Responsibility

An extension to work ethics, Oppstar firmly places corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of our core values before, during, and after work. We believe that in order to provide top tier service, we must first be able to possess a top tier attitude towards our surroundings.

As a 100% local brand (all our employees are Malaysian!) we believe firmly in giving back to the country by hiring and grooming top local talent to be the best of the IC industry. We also sponsor local IC design-related competitions because we want to help grow the local semiconductor design industry as much as possible.

From the economic side of view, we ensure that our business provides the most sustainable profit margin to all clients. At the same time, we also ensure that our work is ethical from both the socioeconomic and environmental standpoints, making sure that what we do does not bring negative repercussions to any third party.

From workplace culture, Oppstar ensures an equal gender margin and plenty of diversity in the office. The common language used in the office is English to minimize the language barriers between company employees. We’re proud to be even outdoing many local MNCs in terms ethnicity & gender diversity, reaching 45%:55% and continue to aim for 50%:50% split. Meritocracy continues to form the core basis of our compensation & benefits. We also dedicate plenty of our resources into developing new talent here in Oppstar.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Gender and Ethnicity Employment Equality & Drive
  • Semiconductor Ecosystem Enabling & Talents Development
  • Nurturing Future Generations in Science & Technology
  • Tertiary Education Influencing



In terms of tertiary educational influencing, Oppstar has also taking the lead to work with several universities in driving their curriculums & projects towards churning out fresh graduate engineers that are already well verse in IC design flow & methodology to be a head start in these industry.