Customers & International Support

Majority of our clients are Malaysia Penang based international MNCs that require our interactions with their design teams across the globe, and not jus the team based in Penang. Since 2016, Oppstar Technology has also expanded into International market especially North Asia (eg. China, Korea & Japan), where we directly supported international clients directly that has no presence in Penang. There are multiple international support service models that can be engage to enable the various type of outsourcing need.

Oppstar has had the opportunity to engage in work with clients from different countries and backgrounds. However, due to client confidentiality, the names of our clients will be kept strictly private and confidential. Our clients come from countries around the world, such as Singapore, China, USA and Japan, not to mention local MNC clients from within Malaysia Penang as well. In short, our company is able to perform exceptionally both at the local and international level, making Oppstar a rising competitor in the IC design platform.