Engineering Capabilities

Why Oppstar?

Oppstar provides a wide range of cutting-edge services that ensure maximum client satisfaction, ranging from pre-silicon design to post-silicon support. In other words, we provide a fully-packaged service tendered to the clients’ needs – without having to worry about various stages of functional engineering designs. Our top experts are a small group of extremely experienced senior technologists and area directors/managers. They often take the lead in projects/functional areas and guide junior & intermediate engineers on the pathway of becoming a successful area experts. Most, if not all of them, have >15-20 years of industry work experiences in the global top 500 MNCs in their respective areas, and have long exposure to ultra-deep sub-micron finFET (<20nm) design projects in the Smartphone, Computing, FPGAs segments. In addition, we also have a group of expertise working in automotive electronics segment.

Since 2016, Oppstar Technology has expanded into International market especially North Asia (eg. China, Korea & Japan). And has consistently building it’s Quality Design Executive reputation among the international clients