Oppstar Krabi Team Building 2018

 In 2018, Oppstar Management decided to give everyone some time off the busy working life, and embarked on a company trip to Krabi, Thailand. Mr Chin Wei Seong, the PIC (Person-in-Charge) for the trip, planned out the itinerary. The trip was from 13th to 15th January 2018. Around 50 Oppstar staff embarked on the trip and made many wonderful memories together.

Oppstar first made their marks at Trang Andaman Gateway, where one could see well-made sculptures of a herd of elephants which are the national animals of Thailand. They continued on to visit the iconic Le Khao Kob Cave), where the crew took a thrilling boat ride through the dark musty cave to view the stalactites and stalagmites inside. The boat ride provided for a unique experience, as the staff had to lie down flat on the boat in order to pass through the cave, in order to reach the main attraction- a hidden underground lake. Everyone was mesmerized by its beauty, especially when the gleam of the sun bounced colourful reflections off the rock formations within the cave.

On the second day, Oppstar staff decided to visit the Tiger Cave temple as Thailand is also internationally famous for its holy temples. The Tiger Cave temple is renowned for its steep climb of 1,237 steps to the peak of the summit, as well as the breathtaking and calming scenery at the end of the journey. The climb was long and tough, but everyone managed to hold out till the end in order to enjoy the lovely view together at the top of the mountain.

Finally, Oppstar staff embarked on an island tour- the most highly anticipated activity for our 2018 Krabi trip. Oppstar staff went island hopping and snorkeling in Krabi’s crystal clear waters. They rented a boat and went out to sea, where they dived into the sea waters to get close and personal with many tropical fish. Upon reaching one of the islands, everyone was in such a good mood that the junior engineers managed to bodily throw one of the directors into the sea, amusing everyone present.

After viewing the beautiful Krabi sunset on a sandy beach, Oppstar staff visited Krabi Town for souvenirs and food. As Krabi itself is famous for its night markets, Oppstar took their time to wander around the market, trying out local delicacies and looking at local arts and crafts. Some of the more daring staff even took up the challenge to try out their fried insects, which reportedly tasted decent!

On the 15th of January, the Oppstar Krabi team building trip ended with a bang. It was a wonderful start for the year 2018, as everyone was able to bond closer with each other, and made fun memories as a team on the trip. The trip indeed served its purpose well to bring all the engineers closer, and to give everyone some well-deserved rest from the busy working life.

A video of the whole trip has been uploaded to YouTube to preserve the memories of the trip. Viewers can take a look some insider scenes of the trip here:

Credits to Mr Chin Wei Seong and Mr Wayne Tai Zu Jie for making the videos, and a big thank you extended to everyone who sent in photos of the trip!