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Cutting Edge : Building IC design capabilities in Malaysia

In June 2018, Oppstar was interviewed by The Edge Magazine Malaysia, which is Malaysia’s best-selling and award-winning business and investment weekly magazine, catering to individuals with interest in the Malaysian financial market nationwide. In the interview, Oppstar’s 3 founders MD Mr Ng Meng Thai, Mr Cheah Hun Wah & Mr Tan Chun Chiat expressed their views as well as motivation to keep the company running. “We thought we had to go knocking on doors to get overseas customers. No, they came to us.” said Mr Ng in the interview. Ever since Oppstar showed exceptional performance in one of the projects back in 2016, Oppstar has since then obtained many opportunities to push for overseas projects in big MNCs. We have also been involved in state-of-the-art processes and projects, handling complete IP turnkey projects.

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