Board & System Development Contract R&D Services

To complement the semiconductor design, we also have experts in Board Design, Board CAD Layout and System Design. Our capabilities for Board CAD and Layout Design include desktop, laptop, embedded board, PMIC board, HDI boaard, Network Storage and Modem. Besides, our employees are also fully informed regarding signal and power integrity as well as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), which will definitely be able to speed up for upfront design right for the projects. 
Industry Experiences & Segments
  • Computing Server
  • Desktop, Laptop & Tablet
  • Storage (SSD, HDD)
  • Telecommunication board
  • PMIC board
  • High Density Interconnect HDI Board
Board Design Knowhow
Experience in High Speed Digital Interface Design: S-DIMM/LP-DIMM DDR, USB, PCIe, memory, SATA, DDR2/3 routing topology, highly dense chipset signals break out.
Familiar with various PCB technology design usages: via-any-layer, 2-x-2+ and 1-x-1+, via-in-pads for cost reduction.
PCB Design incorporate various High Speed Digital Design for Signal Integrity, Power integrity & Electro-Magnetic Interference Requirements.
Board Mfg & Assembly Partnership
We also have our manufacturing & assembly partners that can turn design into board and/or system end products.
PCB Capability
  • Flexible Printed Circuit
  • Normal rigid FR4 to microwave RF specific
  • FR4 (high temp, Halogen Free)
  • Roger
  • Arlon
  • Taconic
  • Nelco
  • Isola
  • 2-18 layers local / international, >18 layers international
  • Double Side up to 18 Layers
  • Standard and Mixed Dielectric Construction (Hybrid)
  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • Plated Half Holes /Castellation Holes / Edge Plated Slots
  • Via Plug and Plated Over
  • Depth Route / Milling
  • Impedance Control


Board & System assembly capability
  • >10 SMT lines
  • Full Parts procurement or consignments
  • Board sizes up to 20”x24”
  • SMT, PTH, mixed technology
  • Double-sided PCBs
  • No clean, aqueous, lead free processing
  • RoHS compliant assembly
  • Ultra-fine pitch QFP, BGA, micro BGA
  • 0201 & 1005 component support
  • Complete consumer grade products assembly
  • European MNCs certified for medical gadgets