Substrate Design & Post Si Validation

IC Substrate Design

If you are interested in engaging a company for any projects related to IC Packaging, look no further. Our IC Package Design encompasses the whole IC substrate design process, from the very beginning to the end. Our experiences in IC Package Design include CPU, SoC, Chipsets (including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones), network storage, gateway design, test vehicles as well as fibre optics. On the other hand, our Packaging Technology design knowhow includes different aspects such as Package on Package (PoP), System in Package SiP), Interposer Design, Standard and Custom (balls anywhere) FC-BGA, WB-BGA, vfBGA & others such as PGA, FC-CSP & FC-LGA.

  • PoP Package on Package
  • SiP System in Package
  • Interposer 

Substrate Mfg Partnership

  • Substrate capability
    • Molded Interconnect Substrate (MIS) low cost 2-6 layers


Post-Si Validation

Post-silicon validation is a major bottleneck in SoC design methodology, taking up more than 50% of SoC overall design effort. Furthermore, due to increasing SoC design complexity coupled with shrinking time-to-market constraints, it is not possible to detect all design flaws during pre-silicon validation. Validation is clearly a crucial and challenging problem as far as diversity of critical applications of computing devices in the new era is concerned, along with the complexity of the devices themselves.

Post-silicon validation makes use of a fabricated, pre-production silicon implementation of the target SoC design as the validation vehicle to run a variety of tests and software. The objective of post-silicon validation is to ensure that the silicon design works properly under actual operating conditions while executing real software, and identify and fix errors that may have been missed during pre-silicon validation.

  • Electrical Design Validation
  • System Validation

Oppstar offers post-silicon validation as one of our services despite its complexity. Taking on the challenge head strong, our employees have shown that we are capable and competent enough to take charge of the whole silicon validation process. With years of experience, we are confident to be able to deliver top-notch results to our customers and clients, leaving you satisfied.